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In a world where most artIsts spend theIr tIme desperately seekIng attentIon, PISTAMASHINA operates from the shadows, creatIng a futurIstIc sound that blends an unspeakably mysterIous aura wIth strangely compellIng pop appeal.

whIle the musIc defIes easy categorIsatIon, lIsteners can expect a dIsorIentIng mIx of electronIca and glItchy pop, delIvered wIth the occasIonal cInematIc flourIsh.

pIstamashIna is more than Just another ordInary musIcal proJect.

It Is a collaboratIve effort between Man and the machine, desIgned to challenge the theory of lInear tIme, speculate about the afterlIfe, and erase the lIne dIvIdIng realIty from fantasy.

It Is both a reflectIon of our culture and a reJectIon of It, delIvered wIth the urgency of an artIst who knows that tIme Is runnIng out.

above all, PISTAMASHINA Is a vessel for truth.

no matter how cryptIc or Inscrutable theIr message may seem, an undenIable echo of true spIrIt rIngs out wIth every note - and they welcome all to come partake In theIr world. so JoIn the rIot, JoIn the machIne, and dIscover PISTAMASHINA.


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  • Pistamachina Merch
    the blue engIne ‘22 $50 / sold out
  • Pistamachina Merch
    the red machne slaves ‘22 $50 / sold out


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